The Gateway To Housing is a collaboration between support service providers, property owners, and community members dedicated to ending homelessness in the Greater Charleston Area.

Why Participate?

This initiative is a unique approach to increasing the availability of rental housing to the most vulnerable in our community.
If you join us, you will be connected with a dedicated program staff, who will act as direct liaisons between landlords and tenants.

This is an opportunity to make an impact in Charleston’s housing ecosystem, while receiving financial incentives, consistent tenancy, as well as direct support.

Why Invest?

Investing in this initiative will connect you and your business to other likeminded individuals, non-profits, and your local government. The best way to prevent homelessness is by lowering rental barriers, contributing to the LBHI means that you are directly helping achieve this goal.

It is proven that investing in your community leads to economic growth and a stronger connections. Boosting the average families spending power will in turn boost local business.

Join us as we launch an innovative program that will change the landscape of Charleston’s housing ecosystem for decades to come!