We Assist with Medicine and Health Care Needs

The Health and Wellness program at Neighbors Together strives to foster and facilitate the “whole person” health (body, mind and spirit) of anyone in need. The Health and Wellness program focuses on helping under-served, uninsured and lost individuals with their medical needs, while fostering relationships that empower them to better maintain their own long-term health care.

Professional nurses volunteer their time and college interns gain practical clinical experience running the program. Classes focusing on diabetes care and nutrition will soon be offered to help clients learn to take better care of themselves.

Prescription advocacy

The Health and Wellness program helped 654 clients stay on their medications last year alone. Trained volunteers cut through red tape and complete applications that allow neighbors to obtain long-term, life-sustaining medications directly from the manufacturer at little or no cost. The lengthy application process must be completed for each separate medication and renewed at least twice a year. Usually, it takes about four weeks for a six-month supply of medication to arrive for the client at the physician’s office.

Nutrition Classes

Through partnerships with local organizations Lowcountry Street Grocery and Grocery.Rx, we are able to provide our neighbors with the education to help fuel their bodies in delicious ways! Students learn healthy recipes, how to control their blood pressure, and always leave with a bag of fresh, locally sourced produced to take home. This 10-week course is seasonal and open to the public.

Vaccine Drives

Neighbors Together frequently partners with local health care providers to ensure our community is as strong as possible. Drives occur throughout the year- and the next one will be during our Wellness Outreach for Women Saturday, April 29th from 11-2. Check our Calendar for more information!

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(843) 747-1788

We are located at 2105 Cosgrove Ave., North Charleston, SC 29405

Medical Background? Want to Volunteer?

We are always looking for volunteers with medical backgrounds, who would want to volunteer in our Health and Wellness Clinic. Please reach out to our Volunteer Manager Lydia Ford to learn more.