Sponsor a Food Drive

Are you part of an organization that wants to get involved in community service? Coordinate a food drive on behalf of your church, neighborhood association, scout troop, or other organization. Choose a collection day, and sign up to deliver to us on a Tuesday or Thursday. We suggest that you start advertising 3 weeks ahead of time. Get the word out through Facebook, emails, or flyers and let people know what items are needed.

CLICK HERE for a printable flyer

Collecting food can happen several ways: ask your neighbors to leave bags of food on their porches and drive by to pick them up, invite members of your group to deliver their food bags to a central location where you load them up, or just ask your group to deliver their groceries to Neighbors Together on their own. Be sure to pick a delivery day for your food drive.

After you pick your delivery date and time, we can meet you outside in the parking lot with carts to unload your donations.

Your donations will be shared with our neighbors who are having trouble making ends meet due to economic stress. Since the food supply chain is unpredictable due to the virus shutdown, your food donations are essential to keep our food pantry open during this time. Thank you for helping provide food to our neighbors in need!