Meet Will McCann from AmeriCorps

My name is William McCann, I am 22 years of age, and I was born and raised in New York City. I spent most of my teenage years in New York, but graduated high school in Washington D.C. In 2021 I earned a Bachelor of Science in Sociology at the College of Charleston and was a member/captain of the men’s cross-country team. Other than serving at Neighbors Together I enjoy hobbies such as running, surfing, playing chess, and listening to music (I am a hip-hop nerd).
The study of sociology at the College of Charleston lead to my interest in social work, and ultimately my current service at Neighbors Together. During my undergraduate studies I gravitated towards the concept of how society is impacted by the individual and vice versa. Neighbors Together has given me an opportunity to further explore this interest, and to make a positive impact within the Charleston community.
This current year at Neighbors Together has been fulfilling, and I am excited for what lies ahead. Neighbors Together has given me the opportunity to achieve face to face interactions with the residents in the area, and to look for better ways to help individuals as well as the
community. I am looking to utilize the skills I attained inside/outside the classroom to better help Neighbors Together and the community we serve.