Neighbors of Charleston: Kii

Neighbors Together presents their first #NeighborsOfCharleston series: Journey with Kii. Read Kii’s story and how Neighbors Together is helping create a new foundation for her and her children. This is exactly why we do what we do and have expanded services to help those in need. 

“When the pandemic started – my whole world went haywire. Before then I was married, I had a home, I was with my husband, and I had a home health business for seven years. Everything was going well. 

March 20th, 2020 I got into a really bad car accident. It fractured my teeth and my nerves were damaged. I had two broken ankles, I was in a wheelchair, and my husband left me. Right after my accident, my first child’s father was killed in a tragic car accident. He was an amazing man, and always took care of me and my kids. When he passed away – it shattered me. I never felt like I got closure.

Shortly after, I had two more tragic losses – my Nana and my best friend and I couldn’t help but think ‘why is this happening to me?’

To find out, I started on a journey. I was good to people. I had a non-profit called ENS ‘Everybody Needs Somebody.’ I made an Instagram account called @journee_withkii where I could share my story and maybe help someone else going through a hard time.  I tell people to use their voice. Don’t be silent. I want people to take care of themselves and break the cycles of trauma that we thought were normal.

Every Sunday I take my kids to the beach, and I find ways to run my business. I go to the local library and print out what I need to. I make sure my kids read and get to do fun activities. 

When I found Neighbors Together, I was actually looking for child care across the street. I noticed that homelessness was one of the main things that Neighbors Together helped with. My home recently was flooded so I feel like I have lost everything I have built back up after my accident. I come from very strong females, my mom, and my Nana. It is helping me build that foundation back, and to have a bit more normalcy. 

I am grateful for my community and the foundation they are giving me. One day I want to give back again. It’s my dream to create a center where there are affordable summer care programs for kids, and a safe place away from home. I am determined and I will make that happen one day.”