Neighbors of Charleston: Theresa’s Story

How has Neighbors Together helped you in the past?

Well, I am a new implant here in North Charleston. I am in town because my brother, who is a veteran, has had surgery.  I put my life on hold to help him while he recovers, and Neighbors Together has helped me with absolutely everything. I have no form of income here since I’m just here because of my brother. Neighbors Together have helped me get the necessities that I need like clothing and food. They’ve even helped me get new eyeglasses and teeth. 

What is your advice on life?

Be united. Stick together. Help one another out and lend a helping hand if you can.

How does Neighbors Together contribute to the community?

Well, the lines outside will certainly tell you. They give people good medical knowledge, good food for their bodies, nutrition tips, help with medicine, and as far as I know they help with rent and bill assistance to help economic ability. They help anyone and everyone. 

It was such a blessing to see coming from up north. I didn’t realize homelessness was this bad in Charleston. You see homelessness in some ways up north, but down here I was just so shocked. Homelessness is real and it is everywhere.